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  1. Combine one volume of DMAO and two volumes of EthD-III in a microcentrifuge tube, mix thoroughly and add 8 volumes of 0.85% NaCl solution to derive 100X dye solution.
  2. For each 100 uL of bacterial suspension, add 1 uL of the dye mixture.
  3. Mix thoroughly and incubate at room temperature in the dark for 15 minutes.
  4. Mount 5 uL of the stained bacterial suspension on a slide with an 18 mm square coverslip.
  5. Observe under a fluorescence microscope. The fluorescence from both live and dead bacteria may be viewed simultaneously with any standard FITC long-pass filter set. Alternatively, the live (green fluorescent) and dead (red fluorescent) cells may be imaged separately with FITC and Cy®3 or Texas Red® band-pass filter sets.

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