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  1. Turn on the computer and take out the desiccant in the instrument. Turn on the UV2600 instrument switch (lower right), the instrument self-checks, the front green light flashes. When there is a beeping sound and the green light does not flash, it indicates that the self-check is complete. Enter the software UVProbe 2.61, click connect, the instrument self-checks, all the results are green, the self-check passed, click “OK”.
  2. Select the test mode, from left to right are “kinetics module”, “photometric module”, “spectrum module”.
  1. [Photometric measurement] is to detect the absorbance (or transmittance) of a sample at a specific wavelength.
  1. - Click the “M” icon to enter the wavelength, and select the experiment type in the next step.
  2. - Multi-point method and single-point method need to make a standard curve.
  3. - K-factor and raw data do not need to be curve. (Omit step (3))
  4. - Place a cuvette containing a blank solution in the reference and detection light path in the sample room. For single-wavelength measurement, click “Auto Zero”. For multi-wavelength measurement, click “baseline” and the scan range should include the selected wavelength.
  5. - Select the active standard table, enter the sample name and the concentration of each sample, put the corresponding concentration samples, click “read std”, click “Yes”. The figure on the right shows the corresponding points of the sample, and the instrument can automatically draw a standard curve. Click “Image” in the software menu bar and click “Standard Curve Statistics” to give information about the standard curve.
  6. - Select the active sample table, enter the information of the sample to be tested (the sample name must be in English or numbers), select the sample to be tested, replace the blank solution in the detection light path with the sample to be tested, and click “read unk” at the bottom of the interface.
  7. - Click “Save As” in the “File” menu to save the measurement results.

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